Watch: Red Velvet Takes On Daunting Task Of Dancing “Rookie” In Time While Different Music Plays

You might just be a “super rookie” if you can pull this off!

In a behind-the-scenes corner of “M!Countdown” called “Dance Dance Together,” Red Velvet had the chance to read some of the viewers’ comments and requests.

Wendy showed off her best imitation of veteran singer Park Jung Hyun, while they all showed off their own versions of Yeri’s iconic part from their newest title song “Rookie.”

For the main segment, the members were asked to spin a wheel with unique choices to decide how they would be dancing “Rookie.”

While they were rooting for the chance to perform “Rookie” in “grandma or child” mode, the wheel ended up landing on the “random songs” version. This meant that the girls would have to dance “Rookie,” in time, while other songs with different tempos play in the background. The catch was that the music would periodically return back to “Rookie,” to make sure that their movements were accurate.

While they started off accurately, their movements slowly started following the beats of the other songs. Wendy tried to recuperate, while Yeri had fun singing along to BTS’s “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” and NCT Dream’s “Chewing Gum” instead. When they were finished, they amusingly insisted that it was alright because “the ending was still accurate.”

Check out their valiant efforts below!