KBS Releases Adorable Behind-The-Scenes Cuts Of EXO’s Kai In “Andante”

KBS has released new behind-the-scenes images for their upcoming drama “Andante” starring EXO’s Kai and Jung Da Bin.

kai 2

Kai is endearingly putting heater packs on his face, demonstrating a cute charm that contrasts with the charisma he exhibits on stage.

In January, the cold wave in Korea made it very difficult for the “Andante” cast and staff to film outdoors, but the outdoor shooting was prolonged and Kai had no choice but to deal with the freezing weather. Apparently, Kai has heater packs on his face to prevent his lips from freezing and causing him to mess up his lines.

A source from the production company praised, “Even when he had to wait outside in the cold for a long time, he had a smile on his face and brightened up the atmosphere. He shared his heater packs with everyone and kept talking with the staff members.”

Meanwhile, “Andante” is a pre-produced drama that shares the story of Si Kyung, a kid from the city who transfers to a high school in the countryside. As he takes on various unfamiliar experiences, he grows and learns about the true meaning of life and love.

Are you excited to watch “Andante”?

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