MONSTA X Members Learn About Themselves In Last Episode Of “MONSTA X-RAY”

The last episode of “MONSTA X-RAY” aired on February 16, and it was revealed that the whole show was actually a big project leading to a final group psychotherapy. So in reality, all of the missions in the show were meant to give the psychoanalyst a chance to analyze each member’s behaviors. Most of the analyses were based on the MBTI personality test.

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The psychoanalyst began explaining, “Shownu is a Protector. He feels pressured about being the leader, but he didn’t score high in depression. Meanwhile, Minhyuk is a Teacher, the most extroverted of all. He’s good at emceeing like a leader and tends to worry about how he does on TV programs because he thinks about them from various perspectives,” and added, “Kihyun is a Performer that fits well with any member.”

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Hyungwon was revealed to be a Healer that ends up doing everything well despite not wanting to do it in the beginning. On the other hand, Jooheon is a Champion, which is perfect for a rapper because he can act as the power source for the team. But apparently, he is the type to stay upset unless he resolves conflicts at that moment, so it is necessary for him to take the time to do so.

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The psychoanalyst continued, “Though IM is the youngest, he is flexible and ambitious. Meanwhile, Wonho is also a Healer, and he might be a very lonely person. He enjoys taking care of children and doing volunteer activities, and that could be because he projects himself into the people he helps out.” Upon hearing that, Wonho began to feel pain in his chest and broke down in tears.

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Were you able to notice any of this while you were watching the show?

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