Watch: Cosmic Girls’s Dayoung Wows With MONSTA X Cover Dance On “Lipstick Prince”

Cosmic Girls’s Dayoung came prepared to the recent episode of “Lipstick Prince” to show off her dancing skills.

The episode featured Cosmic Girls as special guests, and the MCs asked each member to showcase a special talent that they have. First up to bat was the youngest member Dayoung, who revealed that she had prepared a cover dance for the segment.

The song she had chosen was none other than MONSTA X’s “All In,” much to the surprise and delight of MONSTA X’s Shownu. He decided to join her, creating a great duet between the two idols.

Amidst cheers from the others in the room, Dayoung perfected the dance, down to the final pose. Impressed by the performance, Heechul rightfully described her as a “girl crush” idol.

What other cover dances would you like to see Dayoung perform?