K.A.R.D Shows Impressive Results With New Single “Don’t Recall” On Global iTunes Charts

The co-ed group K.A.R.D’s new single album “Don’t Recall” has been showing impressive results after its worldwide release on February 16.

It was featured in iTune’s Song Chart in 63rd place and rose to first place on the U.S. iTunes K-pop Chart. It was also in 22nd place on the U.K. Pop chart, and 34th place on Brazil’s Song Chart.

The music video for “Don’t Recall” hit 1 million views just after half a day, and is now almost passing 2.4 million views. Their music video for their first single “Oh NaNa” has 7.5 million views, making a total of 10 million views when combined. This group has been showing great progress despite having few promotions and being a new face in the K-pop industry.

When K.A.R.D debuted in December last year, their song “Oh NaNa” rose to second place on the U.S. K-pop iTunes chart and did quite well on global charts as well, including that of Japan and the United Kingdom.

Members of K.A.R.D include the male members B.M and J.Seph, and female members Jiwoo and Somin. All of the members participate in creating the choreography and producing songs for their albums.

Their new song “Don’t Recall” is about a man who doesn’t want to let go of his girlfriend. It has a fancy tune and eye-catching dance that caught the attention of fans worldwide.

Meanwhile, K.A.R.D is currently finishing their three-step project to officially debut, and they will be releasing “Don’t Recall_Hidden Ver.” track as a gift to fans.

Congratulations to K.A.R.D!

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