Ku Hye Sun Reveals What Made Her Want To Marry Ahn Jae Hyun

On the recent episode of “Newlywed Diary,” Ku Hye Sun talked about what really made her want to marry Ahn Jae Hyun.

During this broadcast, they came back from a nice date in the snowy fields and Ku Hye Sun suggested, “Let’s have a drink.” Ahn Jae Hyun prepared a cup of traditional Korean fruit wine right away with some snacks.

Newlywed Diary 2

When Ku Hye Sun eventually became a bit tipsy, she said adorable things like, “Look up what to do when a bear approaches.” Ahn Jae Hyun remained sweet and calmly responded to her every request.

Newlywed Diary 3

Ku Hye Sun had mentioned that they became more child-like when they got married, saying, “We were both mature when we were dating. But now he’s a kid and I’m a kid. And we’re family. I don’t know what kind of mind he had when marrying me, but I [married him] because I realized I was [innocent] like a child when I was at his side.”

Newlywed Diary 6

The couple enjoyed the rest of the night playing games together. Ku Hye Sun said, “One time Ahn Jae Hyun said that he quit playing games. I got mad at him. ‘Why would you quit games?!’ I told him. It’s a time that we can have for ourselves.”

Newlywed Diary 4

Even when his wife seemed goofy playing games, Ahn Jae Hyun kept telling her, “You’re pretty. You’re so pretty. Everything about you is pretty.”

Newlywed Diary 5

During his interview, he said, “When we were dating, we cared so much about our outward appearances in order to be loved, but my wife seems lovely even if she doesn’t do that now. She’s even more cute when she is clumsy.”

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