Watch: Akdong Musician Reveals Childhood Clips In Fun And Adorable Lyric MV For “Play Ugly”

Just when you think this talented brother-sister duo couldn’t be more endearing!

On February 18, Akdong Musician had a special gift for their fans and released a music video with lyrics for one of their b-side tracks from their album “Spring.”

As the song “Play Ugly” is a fun, upbeat song, for most of the video, the siblings fool around in a very familiar-looking playground. Interspersed are home videos from their childhood, proving that they haven’t changed much since they were kids, and that they’re still as quirky as ever.

Akdong Musician 1 Akdong Musician 2 Akdong Musician 3

Check out the all the adorable and crazy clips in the music video here!