Fans Of TVXQ’s Changmin Make Meaningful Donation To Celebrate His Birthday

Fans of TVXQ’s Changmin have made a donation to help children with hearing impairments to celebrate the singer’s birthday on February 18.

Soree 119 (“Cochlea of Love”) revealed that a Chinese TVXQ fansite called “BeautyMin” recently made a donation of one million won (approximately $870) in Changmin’s name to help children with hearing impairments from low-income families.

The donation will be used to cover the cost of language rehabilitation therapy for children who receive cochlear implants but cannot further their treatment due to economic difficulties.

A representative of the fansite stated, “Though we can’t possibly fully understand the difficulties of being unable to hear everything, we hope that our donation can become a seed of hope for the children. We want to help in giving these children with hearing impairments the gift of being able to hear beautiful music and the voices of their families.”

Jo Young Woon, the director of Soree 119, stated, “We would like to thank ‘BeautyMin’ for celebrating their star’s birthday with a meaningful gift. We will make sure that the donation they gave us will be used to provide language rehabilitation therapy to children in need.”

It’s always wonderful to see fans give back to society like this, and what a great way to celebrate the birthday of TVXQ’s Changmin!

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