Gong Minzy Revealed To Have Postponed Solo Debut To Focus On “Sister’s Slam Dunk”

Gong Minzy is putting her all into the second season of KBS 2TV’s “Sister’s Slam Dunk.”

In deciding to appear on “Sister’s Slam Dunk,” her first official activity since leaving 2NE1, Minzy also made the choice to push back her plans to release her first solo album. She did so because she thought it would be better to focus on one thing instead of splitting her attention between a solo album and a regular variety show appearance. Minzy plans to show a new side of herself through the show, and then greet her fans with her own music. It seems like her solo album will be released around April or May.

Gong Minzy is therefore putting all her energy into “Sister’s Slam Dunk.” The show will follow the members preparing to debut as a girl group, and Minzy is set to play a large role as she is well known for her dance skills. To prepare for the show, the singer took on an exercise regime of dancing and working out at the gym. She gained quite a bit of attention at the press conference of “Sister’s Slam Dunk” for her mature look, in contrast to her image as the youngest member of 2NE1.

The show is set to be a great opportunity for a fresh start. As 2NE1 did not have many variety show appearances, this will be a chance for Minzy to connect with the public and become more approachable. In a way, “Sister’s Slam Dunk” is a turning point for Minzy, who made her debut at the young age of 15 in 2009.

Though she has already built up quite a collection of songs as she has been looking for new music since last summer, it will be interesting to see if Gong Minzy’s appearance on “Sister’s Slam Dunk” will have an impact on her music.

Check out the latest episode below!

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