BTS Discusses The Secret To Their Global Popularity And Goals For 2017

During the press conference ahead of their “2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR” at Gocheok Sky Dome, BTS discussed why they believe they’ve become popular amongst international fans.

When asked what they think is the secret to their global popularity, the members chose their continuous growth and chemistry. Jin explained, “We have great chemistry, and we think this is our biggest strength. We were really surprised once when we were asked to write down the secret to our success, and all the members wrote down ‘chemistry between the members.'”

He drew a laugh from those in the room when he jokingly added, “Throughout our many albums, each member has grown a lot, especially in the looks department.”


Suga stated, “It’s really cool to know we’re even loved in North and South America, and we’re grateful for it. I think it might be because we write our own music and actively participate in the producing of our albums. We make a lot of music that has a sound that international fans may like. I think these kinds of details are what make us so appealing to them.”

Rap Monster also chimed in and said, “We go for a trendy sound. I think another reason for our success is the growing international K-pop community. I think they’re taking a lot of interest in the stories that we put in our music. Being able to express our messages in music videos, on top of our music, helps as well.”

On what they hope to achieve in 2017, V said, “Personally, one of my biggest goals for the year is for us to enter the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. I think that’s the chart all artists dream of being on.”

Do you agree with BTS’s assessment of why they’re popular amongst international fans? Let us know what you think!

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