VIXX’s Leo Shows Off Unexpected Trot And Rap Skills On “Singing Battle”

On the February 17 episode of KBS’s “Singing Battle,” VIXX’s Leo faced off against veteran singers Kim Soo Yong and Nam Kyung Joo.

Leo Singing Battle

Leo and Kim Soo Yong faced off in the “Losers’ Round” to see who would get the chance to return to the finals. Both singers took on g.o.d.’s “One Candle” and although their vocals were amazing as expected, the two of them also showed off their surprising rap skills!

Singing Battle VIXX Leo

Leo got into a little trouble when he faltered on the lyrics, but eventually his singing and harmonization got him the win for the round.

VIXX Leo Singing Battle

In the finals, Leo battled Nam Kyung Joo with Park Hyun Bin’s “Shabang Shabang.” Leo missed a beat in the middle of the song, but both showcased the unique skills such as enunciation and vocal flexibility required to sing trot. The singers even harmonized at the end!

You can watch the videos here and here.

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