Update: Release Date Confirmed For Girls’ Generation Member Taeyeon’s Upcoming Album

Updated February 20 KST:

On February 20, SM Entertainment announced that Taeyeon’s new album titled “My Voice” will be released on February 28.

Along with the title track “Fine,” the album will include songs of various genres like pop ballad, pop R&B, PBR&B, and more.


Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon has now released beautiful new teaser images for her upcoming solo album!

Taeyeon basks in some soft light in new yellow-toned teaser photos that were released on February 20 at midnight KST for her upcoming first full album. The singer has already released the music video for her pre-release track “I Got Love,” which you can watch here!

taeyeon teasers 2 taeyeon teasers 3

Taeyeon is set to make a comeback with her new album soon, although there is no release date announced yet. Are you excited for more from the talented songstress?

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