Watch: Popular Idol Group Member Gets Tearful During Performance On “King Of Masked Singer”

A member of one of K-Pop’s most popular idol groups made his first performance after his discharge from the army on this week’s “King of Masked Singer”!


In February 19’s episode of “King of Masked Singer,” contestants Orange Tribe and Gangnam Swallow went head-to-head in the first round with a duet performance of Ulala Session’s “Beautiful Night.”

Gangnam Swallow ended up taking the win, but Orange Tribe was given the chance to sing another of his prepared songs while he was revealing his identity. As he sung JK Kim Dong Wook’s “Foolish Love,” he removed his mask to reveal that he was Super Junior’s Shindong!

king of masked singer 2

Host Kim Sung Joo had Shindong salute the audience as it was his first performance since he finished up his mandatory military service, and Shindong admitted that he got tearful during his performance once he removed his mask.

In his private interview Shindong said, “My voice wasn’t in our first album at all. There were around ten tracks, but it didn’t include my voice at all. Not even the sound of my breathing. So I didn’t even need to be wearing a microphone when we were performing!”

“I think that’s why I got a bit tearful,” he admitted. “When I was singing, people were cheering for me and seemed happy to see me, so things like being better than another singer didn’t seem important.” He went on to explain that it was a great experience because it allowed him to feel like he was a singer.

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Watch his performance below!

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