Watch: Suzy Revisits Old Memories And Finds Out Why She Was Chosen By JYP

On February 19, the final episode of Suzy’s reality program “Off The REC. SUZY” was aired on Dingo’s Facebook page and Dingo Music’s YouTube channel.

In the episode, Suzy takes a trip down memory lane and visits places that have a special place in her heart. She visits her old practice room and fondly recalls memories of her trainee days. The singer also visits an ice cream shop and a restaurant she frequented during her pre-debut days. Being there evoked memories of spending a lot of time eating ice cream and snack foods with her friends, despite the fact that she was not allowed to at the time.

Her next stop was the office for JYP’s new artist development, where she sought out the employee who first cast Suzy in Gwangju. The employee said that, even though Suzy was not dressed up at all when she first saw her, she was radiant. The employee continued and said that Suzy’s beauty was evident even from a young age.

Watch the rest of the episode below!

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