7 Things Only BTS Stans Understand: Part 2

Bangtan Sonyeondan? More like Memetan Sonyeondan! In honor of their comeback “You Never Walk Alone,” we’re back with the second edition of Things Only BTS Stans Understand (you can find Part 1 here). Check out the list below!

BTS’s ultimate fan: Jin


Jin’s love of ARMY Bombs is well-known in the fandom. In fact, he brings them virtually everywhere — even to the jungle where he managed to catch fish with it. I know what’s on my top ten list of things to bring if I was ever stranded on a deserted island.

Boom! Get on his level.

Jin is also known for being their number one promoter as well, always asking passersby and strangers if they know BTS or their songs.

BTS’s promo team better watch out!

Suga’s heart full of love


Which team are you?

Suga and Kumamon,

Suga and The Girl Who Always Wants to Sue Him,

Or perhaps Suga and Holly?

Suga’s fondness for his fellow rapper, J-Hope, is also famous within the fandom as well.

Is this the longest J-hooooope ever?

Jungkook’s alter ego: Nochu


BTS’s youngest member is known for marking his tweets on Twitter as “Nochu.” The video below explains it all (around the 07:39 mark).


“If I weren’t in BTS, I was thinking of maybe specializing in a certain woodwind instrument.”


BTS’s V has a very unique way of pronouncing words in both Korean and English. Some of his more interesting words include



And saxophonist.

Rap Monster’s 1-minute parables


Rap Monster’s insightful quotes of life have been a source of both inspiration and memes for the fandom.

Some notable mentions:

Jimin’s face just kills me in that last screenshot.

The member whose forehead is brighter than all of our futures: J-Hope


The whole fandom has been waiting for this one since “No More Dream” era. BRING THE FOREHEAD BACK BIGHIT.

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Small, but fierce Jimin


BTS’s Jimin is known for his charismatic stage presence, beautiful dancing skills — and his small, cute hands.


This is just adorable: V’s hands are almost double Jimin’s. 

And to add more insult to the injury: SK Telecom totally did him dirty.


ARMYs, did we miss any of your favorite fandom jokes? Tell us in the comments below!

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