Song Ji Hyo Opens Up About The Burdens Of Carrying The Title Of “Actress”

Beauty and lifestyle magazine Allure Korea recently revealed some gorgeous cuts of Song Ji Hyo, who will be featured in their March issue.

Dressed in simple, one-toned dresses, Song Ji Hyo effortlessly exudes charisma as she poses against a pink background perfect for spring.

Song Ji Hyo

During the accompanying interview, she opened up about being the host of “Song Ji Hyo’s Beauty View,” as well as her thoughts on being an actress.

Known for her candid nature, Song Ji Hyo revealed how she feels burdened as an actress because of society’s perceptions and the expectations placed on those in her profession.

“I cringe when I [have to] act like an actress should, or when people treat me like an actress. The title of ‘actress’ is still cumbersome. I am somebody who wants to become an actor who enjoys and works hard while acting, but I don’t want to become an ‘actress,'” she explained.

As for future productions following her recent run on “My Wife Is Having an Affair This Week,” Song Ji Hyo commented, “There aren’t always opportunities readily available that match me well like perfectly fitted-clothing. Right now, I’m preparing to find that ‘piece of clothing.'”

What are your thoughts on the title of “actress”?

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