Actress Kim Sae Ron Talks About Her Decision To Move To YG Entertainment

Actress Kim Sae Ron recently talked about why she moved agencies to join YG Entertainment.

On February 21, the actress held an interview at a cafe in Seoul, where she talked about the change. “Because it was my first time moving agencies, I was very cautious,” she said.

Kim Sae Ron continued, saying, “I did not think about it lightly. It was a decision that was made after a lot of consideration. I’m close with Akdong Musician’s Soo Hyun, and we would talk about our agencies a lot. I keep forgetting that we’re in the same agency. I don’t think I’ve fully adapted yet.”

She then added, “I like the company. It’s really nice. I haven’t met Yang Hyung Suk yet. That’s why I would sometimes ask the staff if he knew that I came. But I think he does know. [I heard] that he was happy [about it].”

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