NS Yoon-G Makes “Video Star” Cast Members Jealous With Stories About Boyfriend Chancellor

On the February 21 broadcast of MBC Every1’s “Video Star,” NS Yoon-G reveals personal stories about her relationship with singer-songwriter Chancellor.

NS Yoon-G surprises cast members of the show by admitting that she confessed to her boyfriend first. The singer also says, “Chancellor once gave me 12 gifts for my birthday and told me to open one every hour,” which causes the cast members to express their jealousy of her relationship.

The singer also states that she feels she was at her prime when she promoted her song “If You Love Me.” At the time, she had been invited to perform at almost 30 festivals because a fan cam of her performance at one college festival went viral.

Chancellor also shyly talked about his relationship with NS Yoon-G this past November on a radio show.

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