Announcers Oh Sang Jin And Kim So Young Look Stunning In Wedding Photo Shoot With Elle

Another announcer couple is born as Oh Sang Jin and Kim So Young prepare for their wedding in April.

On February 21, Oh Sang Jin announced the news of his upcoming marriage through his personal fan cafe. He also released pictures from a wedding photo shoot with his bride-to-be Kim So Young.

The released images from the Elle photo shoot showcase a sweet and romantic atmosphere, with Kim So Young looking lovely in her wedding dress. Both Oh Sang Jin and Kim So Young are also seen holding a bouquet of flowers.

Oh Sang Jin Kim So Young

Oh Sang Jin talked about his personality, saying, “I pretend to be easygoing, but honestly I have a sensitive side.” Kim So Young then shared a story about dating Oh Sang Jin, saying, “Even when we weren’t that close, he would ask ambiguous questions like ‘Aren’t you really popular?’ and ‘A lot of guys follow you around right?’ out of the blue. I thought he was kind of an unusual guy.”

Oh Sang Jin

Kim So Young

Meanwhile, Oh Sang Jin and Kim So Young are set to tie the knot in April. The two MBC announcers started off in a senior-junior relationship which later developed into a dating relationship.

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