K.A.R.D Thanks International Fans And Say They’ve Never Been Happier

K.A.R.D recently expressed their love for their fans.

During K.A.R.D’s V App broadcast on February 21 titled “K.A.R.D’s Thank you song battle,” Jeon Somin said, “There were a lot of great things that happened before today’s broadcast. On iTunes, we ranked 63rd on the U.S. chart, first on the U.S. K-pop chart, 22nd on the U.K. Pop chart, and 32nd on Brazil’s Song chart.”

She continued to thank K.A.R.D’s international fanbase as she added, “It’s all thanks to you guys. We never thought our song would be received so well. We didn’t think we’d get this much interest for our song.”


J.Seph chimed in and said, “We’re grateful to have received so much love, despite not making our official debut yet.” When Jeon Somin said, “We’re so happy these days. So much that it’s hard to fall asleep at night,” B.M added, “It’s true. I only slept three hours last night.”

Jeon Somin concluded by expressing her gratitude once more as she stated, “You guys watched our music video for ‘Oh Nana’ so much that we’re almost at 10 million views. We’re leading such happy lives these days.”

K.A.R.D also recently shared their thoughts about being the only co-ed K-pop idol group, as well as their popularity abroad.

Are you loving K.A.R.D and their new song, “Don’t Recall”?

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