Park Bo Gum In Singapore: Top 5 Amazing Moments From The Sold-Out Fan Meet

Park Bo Gum, star of the recent hit Korean drama “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds,” was in Singapore last weekend for the final stop of his Asia tour “Oh Happy Day.”

Thousands of fans warmly welcomed Park Bo Gum with tremendous cheers as he entered the stage. The actor seemed pleasantly surprised at first, given that it was his first visit to the sunny island of Singapore. The sold-out fan meet-and-greet lasted for more than 3 hours with many memorable moments. Here are our top five moments from that day:

1. Intimate, personal details revealed

During the fan meet, Park Bo Gum introduced himself fluently in English and revealed some private details about himself. He also shared several never-released photos, including those from his first day in Singapore and some from the set of “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.” We’ve put together a short list of fun facts of the lovable actor for you below:


2. Park Bo Gum ignored!

You might have seen the recent viral video showing several beloved Korean stars being ignored at meet-and-greet sessions, which includes Park Bo Gum being ignored by fans several times. Alas, the poor boy was ignored yet again by another lucky fan (who was called on stage) when he reached out for a handshake! His adorable jaded expression remained exactly the same as in the video.

3. Park Bo Gum’s hard work, sincerity, and love for his fans


For his Asia tour, Park Bo Gum made it a point to learn and perform special local songs for every country that he visited. In Singapore, fans were treated to an up-close encounter with Park Bo Gum as he strutted through the crowd with a flower wreath around his neck, singing “Singapura,” a local Malay-English song. Park Bo Gum felt that learning the local culture and lingo was an effective way of communicating with fans.

Fans also got to high five the fun-loving actor in person, and the session lasted for another three hours. Despite being visibly tired, Park Bo Gum still managed to give a bright smile and thanked his 3,500 fans who were present that day.

4. Making chicken with Song Joong Ki?



You might have already read about Song Joong Ki showing up to Park Bo Gum’s fan meet in Thailand. The “Descendants of the Sun” actor showed up once more in support for his good friend’s fan meet in Singapore.

Bromance was in the air as the cheeky duo played many games together. One of the challenges required them to create a chicken figurine out of clay (Park Park Bo Gum was born in the year of the rooster). Park Bo Gum dished out his masterpiece of carefully crafted chickens, while Song Joong Ki birthed a pac-man looking chicken with mohawk hair.

5. Our crown prince


Fans requested for Park Bo Gum to re-enact several scenes from “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” and “Reply 1988,” including one where he folded a paper airplane in an episode of the former series. Bogummy fans went wild as he flew five airplanes that were signed with personalized messages into the crowd.

Throughout the night, Park Bo Gum’s sincerity, gratitude, and love beamed toward his fans. When asked for advice that he could give fans, he said, “Choose wise choices that will lead you to happiness in life.”

We’d like to thank UnUsUaL Entertainment for inviting us to cover the amazing fan meet! All photos credited to UnUsUaL Entertainment.

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