Dean Reveals What Happens When He Tries To Talk About Music With Zico And Crush

On February 21, singer-songwriter Dean appeared on the MBC Standard FM radio show “Kangta’s Starry Night.”

Dean, who first started working as a songwriter when he was 20 and has worked with K-pop artists like EXO, VIXX, and Lee Hi, was asked whether he thought his success was due to natural talent or hard work.

“I think it’s 50-50,” he answered. “If you say that it’s because of talent, then people who dream of working in music some day often feel discouraged. I was like that too. I think that although there is a natural sense [for music], I prefer to say it was due to hard work.”

Kangta noted Dean seemed to enjoy talking about music. “As I started to work in music, I’ve started analyzing music more than enjoying it,” Dean said. “So I’m working on that. I like listening to music, so I try to listen to enjoy it first and analyze it later.”

kangta dean

When asked about mentors, he said, “Rather than a mentor, I get inspired by the producers around me that I’ve worked with for a long time. They’re not famous. But all my past works I made together with them.”

Upon being asked about his close friends Zico and Crush (the three of them collaborated on “Bermuda Triangle” late last year), he added, “You said that we must talk about music a lot, but I think we often start off with complaining about our own hardships with our work. We’ll say something like, ‘This is so hard,’ and then the conversation will get sidetracked into talk about girls. We’ll touch on music again and then we’ll go out drinking and it’ll end there.”

About his future plans, Dean said that he wanted to collaborate with indie artist Hyukoh and hold a solo concert when he has enough solo work stacked up.

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