Watch: K.A.R.D Changes Up Choreography Parts Resulting In Hilarious Version Of “Don’t Recall”

Co-ed group K.A.R.D tried something fun and switched up their choreography parts for “Don’t Recall.”

Korean news channel NewsAde uploaded a video of K.A.R.D and showed them picking out pieces of paper with the members’ names on them. Afterwards, the members revealed who they got. J-Seph got Jiwoo’s part, Jiwoo got J-Seph’s part, Somin got B.M’s part, and B.M got Somin’s part.

K.A.R.D 2

They began with smiles on their faces, but they soon started bumping into each other. As J-Seph is taller than Jiwoo, he completely covered her from the camera as he danced in the front. Nevertheless, all of the members still seemed pretty confident.

After a few more moments of bumping into each other, Jiwoo suddenly forgot the choreography. When she got back into the groove, J-Seph then forgot the dance. Pretty soon, Somin and B.M also started hesitating.

However, when they got to the chorus, they became one and their dance was in sync for the first time. In the video, B.M seemed to be doing the best out of the members, but as the song went on, all of the members started having a mental breakdown.

You can watch their hilarious video down below!