IMFACT Tries To Win Your Heart In Individual Teasers For “Please Be My First Love”

IMFACT has shared some teaser images for their upcoming comeback that are complete with slightly cheesy but adorable lines!

Each member features in their own individual teaser photo for their new track “Please Be My First Love,” which is the group’s second monthly track and will be released on February 27 at midnight KST.

Jian is smelling a red rose in his teaser, with the text reading, “In the language of flowers, this means passionate love. I got it for you.”

imfact 5

Ungjae holds hands with his crush in his teaser with the caption, “Don’t walk around on your own late at night, I’ll take you home now.”
imfact 4

Taeho’s café date-themed teaser features the text, “When I’m done drinking this coffee, will we be officially dating?”

imfact 3

Jeup holds up a sketchbook (which reads “Please Be My First Love”) like in the famous scene from the film “Love Actually” in his teaser photo. The caption reads, “You said you were envious when you watched the movie, right? That’s why I planned this.”

imfact 2

Lastly, Leesang looks studious in his teaser as he bends over a workbook, and the caption reads, “Once this question is solved, I’ll confess my feelings for you.”

imfact 1

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