Namgoong Min And Nam Sang Mi Are Adorably Twinning In Suits On “Chief Kim”

In the preview photos for the next episode of “Chief Kim,” Namgoong Min and Nam Sang Mi are looking very sharp.

During episode nine, Namgoong Min and Nam Sang Mi became partners to revitalize the accounting department, which will be disbanded if they fail to do so. Namgoong Min told the representative that they can make it happen, but Nam Sang Mi seemed worried about him. Nevertheless, the two came together as a team and heightened viewers’ anticipation about the development of their relationship and storyline.

chief kim

chief kim 2

They look completely different in suits, adding to the charismatic charms they will be showing in episode 10.

How do you think the story will unfold?

“Chief Kim” airs every Wednesday and Thursday. Watch it exclusively on Viki!


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