Ryu Jun Yeol Says He Misses Hanging Out With Park Bo Gum

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol gave a shoutout to his friend Park Bo Gum.

On February 23, C-Jes Entetainment posted a photo of Ryu Jun Yeol on Instagram and wrote in the caption, “An air kiss from Ryu Jun Yeol. Let’s join his kind & intimate Air Kiss Campaign! Now, why don’t you send a warm greeting to your friends? Stay tuned!”

In the photo, Ryu Jun Yeol is holding up a paper that says, “Don’t think ‘Will it be okay?’ and ask ‘Are you okay?’ instead. I love you! Please love others!”

Park Shin Hye had tagged Ryu Jun Yeol to join this campaign. Next, Ryu Jun Yeol tagged Park Bo Gum. The actor said, “I want to send my greetings to Park Bo Gum. He’s a very busy star these days due to fan meetings in Asia. And he goes to school, too. It’s hard to see him these days because of his packed schedule, but I really miss him. Park Bo Gum, you’re doing well, right? I really miss you.”

Meanwhile, Ryu Jun Yeol is currently filming his latest movie “Little Forest” (working title) with actress Kim Tae Ri.

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