The 8 Stages Of Trying To Keep Up With K-Dramas

At any given point in time, there’s always *that drama*. You know, the drama that no one can stop talking about. The drama that’s slaying the weekly ratings. The drama with a rising new star, or maybe a well-loved actor making their comeback after a hiatus, or maybe it’s simply your favorite bias ever when it comes to dramas.

How we would all feel if we ran into either of these two on the street.

The problem is, you seem to be the only person in the universe who hasn’t watched *that drama* yet.

“Ohhh you haven’t seen *that* drama yet…”

The vicious cycle of trying to keep up with all the current K-dramas out there goes something like this:

1. Getting hyped

One day, you stumble upon some happy news: there’s a new drama coming out, and it sounds AMAZING.

All of your drama fangirl/fanboy feelings come alive as you await this drama!

You patiently (or not so patiently) wait it out until finally…

2. The drama begins!

The air date is finally here, and you want nothing more than to sit down with your best friends and squee over the pilot episodes!

Except…you can’t.

3. …Because life

Maybe you have too much homework on your plate right now.

Or maybe you’re putting in overtime at work these days.

Basically, life is just in the way, and it’s pretty much the worst because all you want to do is watch this freaking drama.

4. #FOMO

It feels like you are LITERALLY THE ONLY PERSON who has not watched this drama yet.

You can even *feel* the judgment from your friends, who are keeping on top of every episode and leaving you in the dust.


5. Avoiding spoilers

The internet is full of dangerous spoilers that might pop up on your feed at any moment, which makes avoiding them feel something like this:

Or this:

But no matter how tempting it might be, you will never give in to the spoilers. NEVER.

6. You’re finally free!!!

Just when you think you can’t take it any more, you finally conquer that mountain of homework!

You plow through your to-do list at the office!

Or maybe you just emptied the box of tissues on your desk with tears of frustration over missing this drama. Same diff.

7. The long-awaited binge watch

FINALLY, you get to curl up and settle in for a well-deserved drama binge!

Maybe the drama was everything you had hoped for and more, leaving you in that dreamy trance-like state of post-drama bliss…

…or maybe it was something of a letdown.

Whatever your reaction, you eagerly turn to your friends to *finally* discuss this drama, but…

8. You’ve already missed another new drama

…turns out you’re already behind on the next hit drama.

The struggle is real, y’all.

But it’s all worth it…right??

Soompiers, which dramas are still waiting patiently on your must-watch list?

Catch up with “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” which just started last week!

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