ASTRO Celebrates 1st Anniversary With Lots Of Gifts For Fans

ASTRO celebrated their first anniversary with a day jam-packed full of gifts for fans!

ASTRO made their debut on February 23 of 2016 with their album “Spring Up,” and has gone on to create three more season-themed releases, with their most recent special album “Winter Dream” released on February 22.

Shortly after midnight on February 23, their agency Fantagio shared some fun photos of the guys with the text “Happy ASTRO day” and “Happy AROHA day,” celebrating both the group’s anniversary and their fan club’s!

The guys also shared lots of photos and videos on their Twitter, and thanked fans for all their love and support.

The guys also shared a throwback behind-the-scenes video for fans as they marked the big day!

In addition, ASTRO hosted a live “mukbang” (eating show) on Naver’s V Live, in which they ate plenty of food, looked back on their past year, and chatted about their dreams. Some of the goals they shared for the future included holding their own solo concerts, winning first place on a music show, and filming reality shows.

Congratulations on a great first year, ASTRO!

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