Kang Han Na Talks About Her Friendship With IU, New Variety Show, And Acting Career With bnt

During a recent photo shoot and interview with bnt, actress Kang Han Na opened up about going restaurant hunting with IU, her upcoming variety show, and her future as an actress.

The actress became close friends with IU after working on the set of “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” together, and have maintained their friendship since then. Regarding her co-star, Kang Han Na said, “She’s such a cute and lovely person. We both love to eat delicious food, so we meet up quite often and go hunting for good restaurants.”

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Kang Han Na is set to show a new side of herself in the upcoming variety show “Cross Country,” and she was full of excitement and anticipation as she explained that people will be able to see a more relaxed and natural side of her than they’re used to seeing in movies and dramas.

On the topic of traveling, the actress laughed and said, “I always want to go traveling, but whenever I decide to actually start putting my plans into action, I can’t seem to find someone to go with me.” When asked who her perfect traveling partner would be, Kang Han Na replied, “I would want them to be an affectionate person who is full of warmth. I would also like them to be a bright and sunny person like me.”

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Contrasting to her sunny disposition, Kang Han Na has taken quite serious and solemn roles throughout her acting career. Lamenting on this fact, the actress said, “I want to try playing a bright and energetic character. When I was in school, I often played funny or scatterbrained characters, but that hasn’t been the case since my official debut. I would like to take on a sitcom or romantic comedy.”

She also added that for a potential co-star, she’d like to work with Jo Jung Suk, who starred in “Don’t Dare To Dream (Jealousy Incarnate),” a drama Kang Han Na recently enjoyed watching.

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