Skype Team Outs Themselves As A BTS Fan On Official Twitter Account

Recently the Skype team behind the video chat application’s official Twitter account engaged in an interesting conversation with one of their users.

On February 22, Twitter user @queenryon tweeted about how she accidentally called her pet dog “Jimin” on a Skype call with her family. Skype’s Twitter account replied to the tweet, saying that her dog didn’t look like one of the BTS members.

The conversation then continued with pictures of the user’s dog and questions about who Skype’s bias was. (Cheekily, the account replied, “You don’t love every member equally???”) In response to more questions, the Skype team also commented on BTS’s latest comeback tracks, saying that they enjoyed the singing on “Spring Day” but overall preferred “Not Today.”

The conversation ended on a sweet note, with Skype telling the user, “If there are two things we love it’s K-Pop and you.”

BTS makes fans in interesting places!

BTS Skype 1

BTS Skype 2

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