Jeon Somi Opens Up About Missing I.O.I Dorm Life On “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2”

Jeon Somi recently opened up about something she struggled with after I.O.I disbanded.

The episode of KBS 2TV’s “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2” that aired on February 24 showed the cast members moving into a dorm together.

The members chose who would get which room, with Kim Sook and Han Chae Young sharing the living room, Hong Jin Kyung, Gong Minzy, and Jeon Somi sharing the three-person room, and Hong Jin Young and Kang Ye Won sharing the suite room.

Han Chae Young

During their individual interviews, most of the members expressed their excitement in sharing a house together. But one person was a little down. When asked what living in a dorm meant to her, Jeon Somi seemed to get lost in her thoughts before her expression became more subdued.

Jeon Somi


After a moment, the idol said, “[After I.O.I disbanded], I would wake up and the others weren’t there anymore.” It seems Jeon Somi had a hard time adjusting to life without the other I.O.I members, and it was evident in the way she talked about dorm life in general.

Hopefully, she’ll have a great time and make new memories sharing a dorm with the other members of “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2”!

Keep up with the latest episode below.

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