Kim Min Suk Amazes “The Law Of The Jungle” Cast With His Tough Culinary Skills

Actor Kim Min Suk really gave it his all to obtain food in “The Law of the Jungle.”

On the recent episode of the show on February 24, Kim Min Suk and his crew caught an unlikely animal for dinner.

During the show, INFINITE’s Sungyeol, Kim Min Suk, 9MUSES’ Kyungri, and Kang Tae Oh discovered a monitor lizard on their way back from picking some coconuts. The members immediately chased after it and Kim Min Suk threw down the coconut he was holding onto the lizard and killed it.

The actor explained how he was able to do that, saying, “(The lizard) suddenly looked like meat.”

He was also in charge of preparing the lizard for dinner. He was able to show off his 5-year experience as a Hotel Culinary Arts major and former sushi chef.

The Law of the Jungle Kim Min Suk 2

As he was handling the animal, he explained that the preparation is similar to that of an eel. He even showed his masculine charms by ripping off the skin of the lizard when it wouldn’t come off by hand.

The Law of the Jungle Kim Min Suk 4

Moreover, Kim Min Suk’s cooking was a total success. Sungyeol said, “I feel energized after eating meat. It’s more delicious than you’d think.” Kang Tae Ho complimented, “I feel full for the first time today.” All these praises made Kim Min Suk so happy that he said, “I will go and catch another one.”

The Law of the Jungle Kim Min Suk 3

Later in the show, the actor showed his multi-talented self by creating funny skits, singing, and dancing with the cast members. But nothing quite topped the scenes of him handling and cooking the lizard, which brought in great ratings.

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