TWICE Votes On Which Member Is The Tidiest And Who Has The Most Aegyo

KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly” took a trip to TWICE’s concert in their most recent episode that aired on February 25.

On this day, the reporter asked TWICE if they have a most memorable fan. To this, Mina replied, “My older brother came [to the concerts] and this is the first time I’ve seen him in two years. I didn’t cry, it was just so funny to me for some reason.”

The next question was who the tidiest member was, and all the members voted for Jungyeon. Nayeon explained, “When she says she’s going to eat, she’s already thinking about putting the plates away the moment she puts the plates down on the table.”



Lastly, TWICE was asked which member has the most aegyo. In first place was Momo, who gave her vote to Sana. Nayeon added, “Momo has a cute way of talking, while Sana has a lot of aegyo.” Sana replied by showing off some of her adorable aegyo, which had all the members laughing.

TWICE Sana Tzuyu

Do you agree with TWICE’s choices for the tidiest and cutest members?

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