Melody Day Reacts To Praise For Their Barefoot Performance On “Music Bank”

Melody Day talked about their recent barefoot performance on “Music Bank” through a Naver V live broadcast.

The group conducted the live session to celebrate their 3-year debut anniversary on February 25.

During the show, the members asked the fans if they like seeing them barefoot on stage. The members had performed with their shoes off during a recent episode of “Music Bank” on February 24, and the members were curious of the fans’ reactions.

Melody Day 2

The suggestion that members should perform barefoot first came out when their music video for “Kiss On The Lips” came out. In the music video, the members danced on sand without shoes. After their unique style of dancing became noticed, fans started requesting that the members try dancing barefoot on stage.

Hence, their barefoot performance on “Music Bank” was created. Melody Day’s agency previously stated, “[Melody Day] was able to recreate their barefoot dance through ‘Music Bank’ thanks to the fans’ support.”

Thankfully, the fans replied that they enjoyed the barefoot performance even more. Melody Day seemed relieved, saying, “We were worried about performing barefoot but we’re glad we came out pretty (on TV).”

The members even revealed that the staff of the music show discouraged them from performing with shoes off due to safety precautions.

Meanwhile, Melody Day is currently promoting their song “Kiss On The Lips.”

What did you think about their performance?

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