Lee Jin Wook Starts Filming For His Upcoming Indie Film

Actor Lee Jin Wook is currently filming for his upcoming movie!

It was previously reported that he would be making his return to the big screen with an indie film titled “The Winter Guest Who’s Scarier Than A Tiger” (tentative title), and he was seen at the movie set on February 23, looking content.

This is the first time he was seen by a news outlet after being falsely accused for sexual harassment. His accuser was booked without detention, and Lee Jin Wook is now free to resume his activities.

Lee Jin Wook arrived at the movie set and brightly greeted the staff. During the whole time he was filming, he was smiling and seemed to be having a good time. Before his scenes, he would go somewhere quiet and listen to music to get himself in the right mood. At other times, he could be seen cutely wrapping a blanket around his legs while interacting with the staff. It must have been a very cold day because he continuously rubbed his hands together and covered up his ears in an attempt to warm them up.

The movie is about a chauffeur (Lee Jin Wook) who meets his past girlfriend (Go Hyun Jung) while driving. The woman had left him for no reason, and their fated encounter starts another page in their relationship.

Are you looking forward to watching his new movie?

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