Illustrator Of Hilarious “Chief Kim” Ending Clips Talks About His Love For The Drama

You may have wondered who the person in charge of the hysterically funny illustrations in “Chief Kim” might be. The 20-second illustrated clips at the end of each episode is one of the parts to look forward to in the drama. Comic artist Yang Kyung Soo picks out the funniest parts of the show and makes them even better by adding his own humor.

chief kim

Translation: “Tonight, my mother’s kkakdugi (cubed radish kimchi) comes to mind.”

One of the producers of the drama revealed, “When I first heard the idea to have an illustrated video at the end, I had doubts about how it would do. But when I saw the drawings for the first episode, it was really nice, and I thought it matched well with the tone of the drama.”

chief kim 3

Translation: “This is my hidden ‘rip off punch’!”

The artist said, “I don’t usually watch dramas, but I’m a big fan of ‘Chief Kim.’ The drama is so great that I don’t have to work too hard to make the clips funny.”

chief kim 2

Translation: “Chief~”

However, illustrating for the drama is not an easy task. He spends about four to five hours drawing each clip, and he has to work off of a rough draft of the episode, which he receives around dawn or morning of the day of the broadcast. Even so, he enjoys the job he is given, explaining, “I’m always short on time, but as a fan, I always look forward to the drama. The drama itself is really fun, so I get ideas really quickly.”

chief kim 4

Translation: “Dramatic appearance!” / Bam!

“Chief Kim” airs every Wednesday and Thursday. Watch it exclusively on Viki!Watch

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