Update: JYP Entertainment Releases Statement Regarding Jun.K’s Condition After Fall From Stage

Updated February 26 KST:

JYP Entertainment has issued a statement regarding Jun.K’s accident, in which he fell from a moving platform during 2PM’s concert.

The statement reads, “This is JYP Entertainment. Jun.K immediately left the concert and was moved to the hospital, where he received a thorough examination. The results show that he suffered a fracture in his right elbow and forth finger on his right hand. He received the necessary medical attention, and is currently under observation and resting.”

They continued to state, “We would like to sincerely apologize to the audience, the fans, and the artists for failing to guarantee the safety of our artists.”

JYP Entertainment concluded their statement by assuring fans that they will provide updates on Jun.K’s health in the near future.

We hope that Jun.K has a speedy recovery to full health!

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On February 26, at 2PM’s last “6Nights” concert, Jun.K fell from stage and was rushed to the hospital. The concert also came to a halt.

2PM’s agency JYP Entertainment explained, “Jun.K is current receiving an in-depth medical examination. We cannot say anything yet about the upcoming concerts.”

According to reports, the situation was as follows:

Getting ready to perform “Hands Up,” he got on the moving stage platform, which was supposed to meet at the center of the stage. However, Jun.K had not known this, and the staff unlocked the platform, causing Jun.K to fall.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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