Update: GFRIEND Releases Highlight Medley For “The Awakening”

Update March 3 KST:

GFRIEND has now shared a highlight medley for “The Awakening.” Unlike many album previews, the clips are not captioned to tell listeners the titles of each song, but you can listen along with the track list that you can find below!

Update February 27 KST:

After releasing teaser images and a video teaser for their upcoming title track, GFRIEND has also released a track list for their upcoming album “The Awakening.”

Check out the track list below:



Their agency hinted there would be an image change for GFRIEND, and it looks like it may just be true!

On February 27, the girl group dropped an unexpected teaser for their upcoming March comeback.

The background music of the video hints at an exciting change for the group, while the members also give off “girl crush vibes” as they pose with plastic guns, and look ready to save the world in their sleek black outfits.

It appears their title track will be entitled “Fingertip,” while the whole mini album will be called “The Awakening.” GFRIEND also released two concept photos, along with the mysterious words “knight” and “military.”


The whole mini album is set to be released on March 6, so stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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