Ji Soo Shares Hilariously Relatable Reason He Ended Up Becoming An Actor

Never underestimate the influence of friends and a dislike for academia!

Ji Soo made a guest appearance on the February 26 broadcast of JTBC’s “Kim Je Dong’s Talk to You” (tentative title), where he opened up about various topics such as first impressions.

After giving a humorous introduction of the actor, host Kim Je Dong attempted to get to know Ji Soo a little better.

Contrary to Kim Je Dong’s beliefs that the actor had childhood dreams of being an actor or had been casted on the streets, Ji Soo had a rather simple reason he ended up choosing acting as his career.

“It wasn’t anything like that. I was a judo athlete in elementary school, and I tried to focus on my studies in middle school, but that didn’t really work out. I placed more importance on building and solidifying the friendships I had,” Ji Soo hilariously explained. “Coincidentally, my friend was attending an academy for [acting] at the time, and due to his influence…in combination with an instinctive feeling that I subconsciously liked movies…”

As the actor trailed off and started giggling at his own explanation, the audience and Kim Je Dong also burst into laughter with him because of his peculiar word choice.

Thankfully, looks like Ji Soo ended up loving his job choice as he is a talented actor! He is currently starring in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” which recently surpassed a remarkable 5 percent in viewership ratings.

Start watching the drama below!

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