DIA’s Agency Hints At Group’s Active Participation In Upcoming Comeback Album

Girl group DIA is set to make their return!

On February 27, a source from DIA’s agency MBK Entertainment stated, “DIA is planning on returning with a new album in the middle of April.”

According to the source, the DIA members will personally be participating in the album and will be filling up the track list with their own songs. “Even when they were promoting in units or performing at concerts, they showcased their own songs. The album will be an extension of that. Even if it’s not quite satisfactory, the members are trying to release music that they had a hand in writing,” the source explained.

The source continued, saying, “The lyrics will be written by all the members including Jung Chaeyeon. Huihyeon, Eunice, and Yebin will be participating in writing the music. We have expectations for them as they all know how to play instruments.”

Stay tuned for more updates!

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