Jo Jung Suk And Hello Venus’s Nara Draw Attention For Looking Alike

On February 26, actor Jo Jung Suk and Hello Venus’s Nara were interviewed for MBC’s “Section TV.” The two were recently made honorary ambassadors for Han Don (Korean Pork) and were on set filming promotional videos.

On that particular day, the two were dressed similarly, which drew emphasis to how much they looked alike. The two talked about their first impressions and only had praise for each other.

Jo Jung Suk Hello Venus Nara

When asked what part of their appearance they had the most confidence in, Jo Jung Suk stated that he liked his eyes, while Nara replied that she liked her long neck. She said, “People used to tease me about my long neck and that used to bother me, but now I really like my neck.”

When asked about their strengths, the two both replied that positivity was a strong point for them. Jo Jung Suk explained, “I try to think about everything in a positive light.”

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