Gong Minzy Announces Fan Club Name And Starts New Instagram

Former 2NE1 member Gong Minzy has revealed the name of her fan club as she gets ready to make her solo debut!

On February 27, Gong Minzy posted a video of herself announcing her fan club name to a new Instagram for fans. She writes as the caption, “Minzy’s official fan club ‘POS’ has now opened. POS, please continue to love Minzy even more.”

In the video, she explains that “POS” is the Greek word for light, and that fans both shine a light on her and listen to “the music of light.”

Her new Instagram account has now also shared what appears to be a logo for her fan club POS!

Gong Minzy is currently gearing up to make her solo debut, and it has been confirmed that she has worked with Jay Park on her upcoming release.