GFRIEND Shares Stunning Concept Photos For “Fingertip”

With less than a week until their comeback, GFRIEND has now shared some beautiful new concept photos!

GFRIEND released the first look at their new concept yesterday, with group photos and a music video teaser for “Fingertip,” as well as their full track list.

On February 28, they shared another glimpse of their vintage military-inspired look for their title track and their new mini album “The Awakening” through some duo and solo shots!

Check them out below.

gfriend 3 gfriend 1

gfriend 2

gfriend Sowon gfriend Yerin gfriend Eunha gfriend Yuju gfriend SinB gfriend umji

GFRIEND will be releasing their fourth mini album “The Awakening” on March 6. Are you excited for GFRIEND’s comeback?