Lovelyz’s Yein Reassures Fans About Her Ankle Injury And Thanks Them For Their Support

Lovelyz’s Yein thanked her fans for supporting her as she heals from an ankle injury.

On February 27, Lovelyz broadcasted their showcase “R U Ready?” live on their Naver V App feed to communicate directly with their fans.

Yein appeared on stage with a cast on her ankle because of her injury, and she revealed, “I badly sprained my ankle while rehearsing, so I can’t dance right now.” To set her fans at ease, she also added, “I’m healing faster because of all the words of support and sympathy I’ve been receiving. Don’t worry too much about me.”

Lovelyz Yein

Lovelyz recently announced their return with the release of their second album “R U ready” on February 26.

We hope Yein has a speedy recovery!

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