Watch: DreamCatcher Wows With Energetic Cover Of Maroon 5’s “Lucky Strike”

After wowing with a dance cover of BIGBANG’s “BANG BANG BANG,” the girls of DreamCatcher are back with a special clip of them performing Maroon 5’s “Lucky Strike.”

Not only do the members of DreamCatcher perform the song in English and add in their own harmonies and backup vocals, they have also crafted a dance routine that matches perfectly with the energetic beat of the song. They effortlessly win the title of “Girl crush” with their fierce black leather outfits and synchronized dance moves.

They also recently performed this song at “Open Concert,” which you can check out here.

Are you loving DreamCatcher’s rendition of Maroon 5’s “Lucky Strike”? Let us know what other songs you think they should cover next!