GOT7 Fans Share Theories About New Trailer For “Flight Log: Arrival”

GOT7’s new comeback trailer has got fans theorizing, with so many people talking about it that the hashtag “#FLIGHTLOGARRIVAL” trended No. 1 on Twitter worldwide!

On February 28 at midnight KST, GOT7 released a trailer for their new release entitled “Flight Log: Arrival,” which continues the storyline from the group’s “Flight Log: Departure” mini album and “Flight Log: Turbulence” album.

The trailer features Jinyoung giving an award-worthy performance as he is shown climbing a snowy mountain barefoot, waking up in confusion and shock on a beach before having flashbacks of what has happened to him, being revived in a hospital, and also watching his group mates have a snowball fight on the mountain.

Many fans are theorizing that the trailer tells the story of Jinyoung waking up as the sole survivor of an accident or plane crash, while others speculate that it might be Jinyoung who has been killed, or maybe they have all died.

Fans are feeling so many emotions once they realize how many scenes in the past have featured Jinyoung observing the others having a good time together.

Meanwhile, others have a more optimistic take on the storyline, in which maybe none of them have died.

All in all, everyone can agree that the trailer is absolutely beautiful, and Jinyoung puts on an amazing performance (and looks great doing it)!

GOT7’s “Flight Log: Arrival” will be released on March 13. Check out their plans for their upcoming teasers in their comeback schedule here!

What do you think is going on in the new GOT7 trailer?