Son Yeo Eun Reveals Her Impressions Of Ji Sung After Working With Him On “Defendant”

Ji Sung’s talents are the only thing his co-stars commend him on!

During a recent interview published on February 27, actress Son Yeo Eun looked back on her short, but impactful, appearance on SBS’s “Defendant.”

In the drama, she made a long special cameo as Park Jung Woo (Ji Sung)’s wife, Yoon Ji Soo, who inadvertently became a part of the catalyst that set things in motion.

Son Yeo Eun revealed that she couldn’t put down the script when she first received the offer because it was just so fun to read. “I readily agreed to appear because I was interested [in the drama], and since [Yoon Ji Soo] would be a central figure in the case,” she explained.

While she wished she could have met more of the cast, Son Yeo Eun had nothing but good things to say about working with Ji Sung. She commented, “His ability to concentrate is exceptional and he is good at taking care of his colleagues. I think he is a very sweet person.”

The actress also expressed her fondness for child actress Shin Rin Ah, who plays her daughter on “Defendant.” “[Shin Rin Ah] is really good at acting, and she’s so pretty. She is a child herself, but she is good at conveying that [childlike] essence,” Son Yeo Eun explained. “She’s cute, but she also has a mature side to her.”

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