Rookie K-Drama Watchers Vs. Veteran K-Drama Watchers

Korean dramas have been around for a very long time — and many of their fans have been around just as long. Whether you’ve just stumbled into the K-drama life, or it’s been a while, there’s one thing that all K-drama watchers have come to know and understand: once you start, you just can’t stop.

But believe me — you don’t want to!

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Obtaining subbed shows


Ugh. Why are the subs taking so long? It’s been literally three WHOLE minutes since the drama episode came out in Korea. These subbers need to be faster.


Is this site safe? Omg, what if I get a virus? Is it worth it? UGH I DON’T KNOW. Okay I’ll just risk it and watch it. But wait. It’s like only a 20/80 chance the subs are already on there too… But I have to know what happens after that cliffhanger.



Before the days of Viki and other sites that compiled all the dramas (in beautiful HD and subs) in one place, veterans were always on the hunt. Besides hunting, the only other option was catching the reruns (after a billion years) on KBS, SBS, and MBC.

Pre-drama ritual


Why do they always show this before the episode starts?



There’s also this cute bop/manifesto for the 10th anniversary of tvN last year.

Learning common phrases in Korean


Oppa, saranghae!


오빠, 라면 먹고 갈래? (Oppa, do you want to come over for some ramen? — AKA Viki and chill?)


Cliches and plot twists


(watching a drama) I-I can’t believe t-they just killed him off like that. I think a piece of my soul just d-died with him. *sobs*



He’s not dead.


W-what are you t-talking about? They said he died! *hiccups*


Nope. Rule #341 in K-dramaland: if they never show the body, they aren’t dead. For sure. Just watch.


Um, well…

Thought-to-be-dead-character appears on the screen:




Product placement


Ooo. That fancy gadget looks so cool. I wonder if they have a site in English I can order off from…

Gimme me, gimme me.


I have literally seen that Subway PPL in at least three different dramas.

subway 2 subway1 subway3

No kidding.

OST throwbacks

The anthems of the veteran generation:

The 90s vibe is strong with this one.

The anthems of the Rookie generation:

All the feels, man. All the feels.

Saturation of idol actors


Fetus Eun Ji Won. So much cringe for that hair and acting! 

Idols entering the acting world isn’t quite a new thing (idol groups have been around since the ’90s), but it wasn’t as common as it is now. As the number of idol groups and their fan bases has increased, so has the number of idol-actors. You’ll be hard pressed these days to find a drama that doesn’t have at least one idol actor. If you really do want to find one, though, hit up your local veteran watcher, and they’ll be able to rattle some off like nobody’s business.

Are you a Veteran or a Rookie? Tell us in the comments below!

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