Jay Park Thanks Fans After Receiving Best Artist Of The Year At Korean Hip-Hop Awards 2017

Jay Park had a busy 2016, and his hard work has paid off!

The artist was recently awarded Best Artist of the Year at the very first Korean Hip-hop Awards. He was one of six artists to be nominated for this award, and beat out the ranks of BewhY, Nucksal, Beenzino, Huckleberry P, and Dean. Jay Park’s “Everything You Wanted” album also took home an award for being the best R&B album of the year.

The rapper expressed his heartfelt gratitude for award through his official Instagram account, and amusingly added a hashtag that said, “Mom, we made it.”

Hip-hop and R&B have been two genres that have grown immensely in South Korea over the last 20 years, with Korean hip-hop and R&B artists originally having a small niche group of fans to being loved internationally.

The Korean Hip-hop Awards were created to honor these artists, and 2017 was its inaugural year. It was a collaborative venture between HiphopLE, an online music magazine dedicated to “urban music,” and HIPHOPPLAYA, a Korean music portal site specifically for hip-hop, R&B, and other genres that are historically African-American.

The winners were determined by a combination of a majority vote from a committee of music professionals (70 percent of the overall score) and a vote open to the public (30 percent of the overall score), which took place on January 19 to February 3.

Check out the full list of winners below!

Artist of the Year – Jay Park
Hip-hop Album of the Year – Nucksal’s “The God of Small Things”
Hip-hop Song of the Year – BewhY’s “Forever”
R&B Album of the Year – Jay Park’s “Everything You Wanted”
R&B Song of the Year – Dean’s “D (half moon)”
Producer of the Year – GroovyRoom
New Artist – Justhis
Collaboration of the Year – LIVE, Sik-K, PUNCHNELLO, Owen Ovadoz, and Flowsik’s “Eung Freestyle”
Underrated Album of the Year – SLEEQ’s “Colossus”

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