Watch: Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Says It’s Not “Fine” In Comeback MV

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon has now made her comeback by releasing her first full solo album!

On February 28 at noon KST, the songstress released her new album “My Voice,” as well as the music video for her new track “Fine.”

The music video opens with Taeyeon having a stilted conversation on the phone, before admitting she’s not sure why she called the person. Taeyeon is then seen dealing with heartbreak, to the point that the song stops for a moment in the video when she acts as though she has become too emotional during filming.

Watch the video below!

Taeyeon’s new full album features a total of 13 tracks, including a hidden cover of Nell’s “Time Spent Walking Through Memories” that is only available on the physical version, and her pre-release track “I Got Love.” 

Do you think Taeyeon’s “Fine” MV will be a hit like her previous solo releases?